Fiscal Intermediary Customer Service

Customer Service Associates are available
from 9:00 am until 5 pm, Monday through Friday:

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Fax for TIMESHEETS only: 978-777-3635
Fax for all other paperwork: 978-624-3755
Faxes can be sent at any time of day.

 FI is now paperless; however, if you fax your timesheet, we can confirm receipt of it based on when you submitted it.

• If you faxed it between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, call us after 3 pm on Monday for confirmation

 • If you faxed it anytime before 4 pm on Monday,
call us after 3 pm on Tuesday.

 • If you faxed it after 4 pm on Monday,
your timesheet is considered late.

If it’s correct, it will be paid in the next payroll cycle.